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Front cover star this issue is a superb secondhand Jaguar C-type replica and Rob Hawkins looks at the plus points for buying one in replica form not to mention the vast cost-savings, of course.

An exciting new three-wheeler from a former Ricardo and current Prodrive engineer that looks set to shake up the market.

Once upon a time there were thousands of glovemakers in the UK, now there are but a handful. We visited one of the survivors who happen to make the most exquisite driving gloves and more ... Chester Jefferies.

Dom Chinea from BBC's The Repair Shop is a mega-talented engineer and is also a proper car guy. We recently met him ...

How to spot a Wikipedia kitcar expert ... we've all met them.

Jamie King discusses the topic of performance hoses.

Introducing Akira Brand. Car Care goodness from a young Lancashire brand.

Do you remember UVA? Unique Vehicle Accessories flame burned brightly for a ten year period in the eighties but they quickly faded from view. Steve Hole celebrates the marque, how they changed things in the industry and generally does a bit of reminiscing.

TKC Mag's mate, Paul Cowland, co-star of Quest TV's 'Salvage Hunters - Classic Cars' bags a drive of the latest Zero Gen 2 from Great British Sportscars and tells us about it.

Jon Hill is our guide as he tells us all about Webcon's superb Retroject system.

Our geographical series 'County-by-County' heads to the Jurassic Coast this issue and DORSET'S kitcar history.

If you are in the market for an official GM V8, be that iron small block, LS series, LT or anything else Chevy related then Partsworld Performance could be your destination. We paid them a pre-lockdown visit to find out more about the Cannock-based company.

We all seemingly love a Cobra replica although for every GD427 there's a TI Tuscan, for every Pilgrim Sumo, there's a Libra King Cobra and for every AK 427 there's an Invicta 427. We look at three lesser-known and some may say obscure Cobra replicas.

Of all the Dizzy Addicott-derived Mini-based Dart projects the Kingfisher Sprint is arguably the prettiest. The world looked like its oyster but ultimately proved to be its lobster!

We hope you enjoy the issue.


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