About Us - The story of totalkitcar & TKC Mag

Founded and still owned and run by the founders, totalkitcar.com arrived on Christmas Eve 2001 - with a blank Word document, a £100 website (yep, amazing, I know!) and a lot of passion for the subject.

Since then it has been updated EVERY Friday without fail EVERY FRIDAY (we're rather proud of that) and is one of the world's leading online resources for all things kit and specialist car related. 

TKC Mag arrived in Spring 2003 initially as a hard copy version of totalkitcar but the title was amended to TKC MAG (to give it an identity of its own) in 2007. It is a bi-monthly publication available via the newstrade and all digital platforms and also by mail order, but then you already probably knew that as you are visiting our online store!