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Hopefully, we have plenty to entertain you with in the MARCH/APRIL 2021 issue.

The front cover star is a Factory Five FFR Roadster. The US manufacturer is back in the UK with a new agent, Tech Autos of Poole. We featured the blue car some thirteen years ago. It is still on the road and still owned by the original owner, Ian Hunter. It was built by Anthony Hale at Absolute Horsepower (now boss of Crendon of course). A beautiful build it was actually in the Tech Autos workshop for a service when we visited for this feature. It was good to meet an old friend again. As for that image on the cover. It's a beauty isn't it and classic images like the car pictured stand the test of time.

We've been following the Hawk Daytona story with interest and when we discovered that it was going for a session on CCK's rolling road we popped along to be nosy.

Here's a fun feature. A look back at some of the cool road wheels of the sixties and seventies that you and I may have had on our Capris or Dutton Phaetons and the like.

We've seen plenty of Lenham Motor Company history features over the years but here's a definitive one - the second of two parts actually!

Who doesn't love Thunderbirds? A look at the very interesting full-size version of FAB 1 which itself has a very interesting tale or two to tell.

A visit to Rebel Performance Machines and a look at a freshly built ExoBusa model. A wild ride.

The TKC Mag guide to aftermarket ECUs by our man Jamie King

We introduce the latest electric kitcar, the IZET...

The guru of detail, Nigel Dean discussed oil pressure and what to do if you haven't got any

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