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Welcome to the MAY/JUNE 2024 issue of TKC MAG.

As usual plenty of good stuff to entertain you with.

How's this for starters?

BROADSPEED ENGINEERING - A look at the activities of Ralph Broad's Birmingham-based operation of the sixties. Known to specialist car enthusiasts for the Broadspeed GT, there was much to them than that such as tuning packages and parts, Ford/BMC dealerships, the Bullit Capri and a leading race team. 

ECOCLASSICS - IN PROFILE - Dr Nick Mason is a leading light in converting cars to electric power and a lot has happened since we last caught up with him. His company is busier than ever.

MACG RACING - UK distributors for the likes of Braid Wheels, Albins gearboxes and many other companies, MacG Racing can offer all sorts of other services.

MAGUS MOTORSPORT - New Gloucestershire-based metal fabrication company that can offer TKC MAG readers a lot, whether fabrication, build work or bespoke jobs.

SIXTY YEARS OF THE MARCOS GT - Amazing that it was 1964 when Dennis Adams first penned the Marcos GT, which still looks box-fresh to me. We chart the iconic kitcar's history and speak to people involved with its history - Rory MacMath, Chris Marsh and the man himself, Dennis Adams. It's not always what you know in this game, it's what you know. STEVE HOLE has well and truly paid his dues!

WESTFIELD SE HISTORY - A truly great kitcar if ever there was one. STEVE HOLE goes through the company's history, looks at the key models in SE/SEi history and wonders if the SE's slightly un-hinged boot boy cousin, the FW400 could be the greatest Lotus Seven-inspired sportscar ever.

KIT BUILDING AND PROBLEM SOLVING - IRNTAM KITZ - Coventry-based company who have more knowledge on IVA and kitcar building than probably any other. 

GBS ZERO - A stunning example of the GB Zero built by Norwegian sailor and Olympic Bronze medallist in the laser class at Atlanta in 1996, Peer Moberg. Amazing car.

INTRODUCING - TOTAL PAINT SOLUTIONS - A top-notch West Midlands paintshop doing superb work and run by an ex-Aston Martin painter. They produced the beautiful result on Chris Paxford's GT40 replica that starred in the March/April issue of TKC MAG.

BANDINI REVISITED - No, not the Berkeley Bandini, rather a reader who is interested in Italian 'Etceterinis' who has built his latest kitcar as a tribute to Bandini Automobili

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