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Front cover star this issue is the Porsche Boxster-based '386' from Iconic Autobody

Rage Motorsport Comet feature by Rob Hawkins

TKC Mag contributor James Colman tells us about his newly acquired turbocharged B-Series-powered - McSorley Locost

Andy Mansi's Mirage Countach replica

INDUSTRY GREATS - ALLARD - we look at the company's tuning exploits, turbocharging prowess and the Allardette Anglia

Mazda MX-5-powered Healy (that's how they spell it!) Enigma in V8 guise. We drive the Lexus-powered beauty

From the Archives - KVA - GT40s and more

Roger Edmonston's supercharged Fury comes under our spotlight

Nigel 'Detail' Dean looks at choosing wheels. There's more to it than just choosing a design you like