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Healy Designs - Enigma. That's not a spelling mistake, as that's how they spell 'Healy'! - An excellent classic meets modern Mazda MX-5-based sportscar.

RDS Roadsport - Kent-based restoration company in profile. They've hidden talents under a bushel for far too long - oh, and they build and work on kitcars, too.

Spin It car turntables

How to keep your trailer secure or as secure as you can.

RCR's Superlite SL-C is pretty darn special.

The fiendish art of applying piping to car seats.

INDUSTRY GREATS - Bob Egginton, ex-Surtees employee and head man at ASD in Maidstone who for many years produced a fine range of their own kitcars, while Bob's car set up skills are legendary.

Hayward & Scott - the exhaust gurus. We paid them a visit.

Vetech Busa - a very fine bike engine conversion for Classic Mini

Project OMG - Part One - Our RPX build series begins 

Chrome Plating - it's an art