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Front cover star this issue is a superb LB Cars STR V6 Lancia Stratos replica, plus an owner's built example. All rather stunning, actually.

Lee Noble Returns - Meet the SSV Bug:R, which is Lee's first kitcar since the M10 of 1997.

Exo Sports Cars - we pay a visit to the exo-skeletal kings.

Tune your Ford Zetec 'Blacktop' and get 260bhp for less than £2000.

Rob Marshalls talks bearings.

We pay a visit to the masters of period-correct and vintage tyres, Longstone Tyres.

It's a fair trek to the home of Lucas Oil UK in Anglesey but it was well worth the journey.

Barry Boughton's stunning AK 427 build continues

Reader's Drive - an excellent example of the Hawk Ace. Sublime.

Tribute Automotive's agent, NuBodi has built plenty of BMW Z3-based Koupes.

A little device that could be a godsend for kitcar enthusiasts is the Amazon Blink home security camera system


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