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Gracing the front cover of this issue is a superb DNA 2Fifty, an exotic conversion based on BMW Z3.

Pilgrim Speedster that may well be the best of breed.

INDUSTRY GREATS - Tim Dutton. Anyone who can sell over 8500 kitcars demands respect. He gets mine, for sure.

Caterham Seven 310R - Steve Hole reports on a slightly oddball model in the Caterham Cars range.

Rob Marshall in the first part of a feature looking at repairing automotive upholstery.

Ariel Atom profile and a look at the Ariel Ace motorcycle. Ariel boss Simon Saunders does things his way.

A future donor vehicle? BMW Z4 in profile.

JHL Morris Minor Restorations - If a Morris Minor comes past you at speed on the motorway or a dual carriageway, suspect the work of JHL is at the root of it!

Barry Boughton's AK 427 Build - Part One. You'll love this one.

Project OMG - We fit Hot Mods' MG TF Protech-based dampers to our RPX project car. By the way, with the benefit of three years of use as a write this, they work beautifully!

Gary Stretton shows us how to fit a remote brake servo.

Andy Westgate shows us how to make a GRP bonnet in Glassfibre Workshop

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