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Front cover star this issue is a sublime Lister Bell LB STR V6 Lancia Stratos replica. A customer-built car, it is the gentleman's first kit build!

Hawk 289 - Another stunning customer-built car, this Hawk 289 has been described by Gerry Hawkridge as possibly the best example he's seen. Praise indeed.

Irish Kit Car Club - the resurrection of a great and enthusiastic kitcar club.

The godfather of kitcar journalism - Peter Filby - a look at his career and the umpteen magazines he's published over a near 50-year career.

Buckland B3 three-wheeler - an iconic little three-wheeler is back in production.

Richard Doyle's TR40 - Leicestershire publican has owned nearly 350 cars and his latest acquisition is a rare Eurosport TR40 body conversion based on Triumph TR7.

Jamie King looks at the Ford Duratec - buying and tuning. 

Don't Forget - Carlton Automotive - one of the eighties leading kitcar companies.

Nigel 'Detail' Dean - our technical guru dispenses more sage tips and advice.

Introducing Dark Matter Detailing

County-by-County - Our geographical series reaches Herefordshire 

Introducing Autobright

Introducing Mint Classic

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