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Front cover star this time is Dave Broome's fabulous Tornado GT40 replica, a stunning first build. We also look at the long history of Tornado Sports Cars now in their 34th year of continuous '40 replica production.

No barrier to this Reef! A chilly day sampling an amphibious Dutton Reef on the River Arun.

Barry Boughton's stunning AK427 Cobra replica wants for absolutely nothing and features a GM LS7 engine delivering a cool 650bhp.

Great British Sportscars' Zero is right up at the top of the tree as far as kitcars in 2022 go but their special MOTUL EDITION is different gravy.

One of the editor's favourite sixties kitcars is the Mini-based BIOTA and as it's Christmas he thought he'd share some of the recently uncovered (beautiful) photo stash of the car he discovered in the depths of the TKC Mag archive. Possibly the most in-depth - and definitive - history of the little car.

Jamie King is the man when it comes to car engine journalism - this issue he turns his gaze on the Ford Crossflow. It's a corker ...

Phew, it's HOT! A look at Wasabi Car Care. Affordable and effective products.

Blackwell SPR1 Coupe - Probably one of the most underrated kitcars around, we take a look at the Mazda MX-5 Mk1-based SPR1 Coupe

Spartan - a profile - a look at the kitcar sales league table will reveal the name 'Spartan' sitting in the top five. They've made them since 1991 but their owner's club is busy waving the flag. Over a twenty-year period, they sold around 4000 Spartans. We look at the company's history.


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