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AK 40 – The latest model to join the AK Sports Cars stable is the GT40 replica formerly produced by Southern GT. We sent STEVE BENNETT along to find out more.

CATERHAM 170R – A new entry-level Caterham Seven model that despite only having 85bhp will still show a clean pair of heels to most daily drivers, while the little three-pot Suzuki engine is a beauty.

READER’S DRIVE – KARA 430 – As a fan of Group B rally cars, NEIL WINNINGTON was very keen to go and see David Bonning and take a close look at his KaRa RS200 replica.

THE TKC MAG GUIDE TO SUSPENSION SPRINGS – BOING! Who else but JAMIE KING could have written this one. A follow up to his recent feature on dampers. It’s a good one this. The message here is that it is vital to match your suspension springs to your dampers.

WITHOUT OUR PAST! – Four more beautiful old archive photos hand-picked from our archive.

INDUSTRY GREATS – RADBOURNE-ABARTH HISTORY – I’ve seen loads of good stuff written about Radbourne Racing over the years, many of them written by my esteemed colleague Richard Heseltine, but I felt that it was high time that we told the full in-depth story of this marvellous sixties company. In case you didn’t know, Radbourne built a variety of ABARTH models under licence – more than you think – and sold them in UK. Several of them were available in kit form, too. STEVE HOLE tells the story after sitting down with the last surviving founder, Lincoln Small.

MIKE KEELEY’S THREE-WHEELED SPECIAL – Mike Keeley used to work at Westfield during which time he built 100 examples of the breed. More recently he’s built two jewel-like three-wheelers, the second of which is featured here after our resident three-wheeler fan, JAMES COLMAN went to visit him.

HISTORIC HAWKS – We speak to several Hawk Cars owners who still own the kits they built way over 30-years ago.

NIGEL DEAN’S ULTIMATE ULTIMA BUILD – PART TWO – The ‘detail’ man is back with part two of his ultimate Ultima build.

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