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Spring has sprung! This issue features ...

TIPO184 – TV presenter, ex-Policeman, ex-semi-professional goalkeeper, ex-kitcar manufacturer (ARA Racing), Ant Anstead created the Mazda MX-5-based Tipo184 for a TV show but then with his friend and co-director of Dowsetts Classic Cars, Darren Collins, developed the idea into a kit package. Initially, it was intended as a track package but it has since been developed for the road and recently passed its date with the IVA inspector. STEVE BENNETT bagged the first drive of the roadgoing version.

GINETTA G15 RESTORATION – Ginetta-designer, Ivor Walklett has some huge hits on his CV that features several classic specialist cars. Surely, the Hillman Imp-based Ginetta G15 must be one of the very best? STEVE HOLE thinks so and recently went to meet the father and son team, Chris and John Davis who have just restored a totally beautiful example of the breed. The car is also has a pretty good back story, too …

RETRO CAR STYLE – Alan Collins used to work for Panther Cars before running his own car sales business for many years. As a classic and kit car enthusiast he also has a real liking for the Mazda MX-5 and fifties and sixties sportscars. When he was looking at doing his own project he combined the two. His Retro Car Style conversion offers a nostalgic restyle for the Japanese roadster. STEVE HOLE went to visit Alan. 

NO SMOKE FLOWER POWER – French manufacturer, No Smoke has been making their take on the Mini ‘you know what’ for nearly ten years. Late 2021 saw them sign a deal with East Sussex-based JLC Group who are now bringing the brilliant electric fun utility to the UK. STEVE HOLE was honoured to be the first UK journalist to be offered a drive. It’s not a kit but it really is fun …

THE TKC MAG GUIDE TO DAMPERS – Jamie King is our guide and looks at the ins and outs of the damper.   

WITHOUT OUR PAST! – This issue we revisit our archive again for some stunning old black and white images from the specialist car industry’s past.

INDUSTRY GREATS – TONY CLAYDON – A worthy subject for our Industry Greats series, Tony often goes under the radar and doesn’t get the credit he truly deserves. By training, he is an Industrial Designer, but a passion for motorsport (he was a works driver for Piper Cars back in the sixties) and he has a flair for designing sportscars. On his resume sits stuff like Tara 2, Candy Apple Finale, CHAD SS4 to name a few.

INTRODUCING – STA-BIL – Two great products in the Sta-Bil stable to tell you about. Their ‘Storage’ product is great for keeping petrol fresh if you have a car that isn’t used very much or is in stuff like a lawnmower or generator. With the advent of E10 petrol, the new 360 Protection additive will help protect your engine from premature ethanol damage.

AARDVARK SP-1 – NEIL WINNINGTON went to visit Henry Carr of Aardvark Racing who has just launched an exciting new track-orientated kit package called the SP-1. Proving its road credentials Henry and Neil put the car through its paces.

TRIBUTE TO CHRIS SMITH – Here’s our retrospective look at the career of Westfield Sports Cars founder, Chris Smith.

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