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In this issue we have some more entertainment for you -

AK Sports Cars - The Ultimate AK427? Packing possibly 1000bhp here's a storming example of the breed.

Davrian - History File - An underrated British kitcar marque, Adrian Evans' company supplied a lot of kitcars to many happy customers. Here's their history.

A Tale of Two Starleys - The editor came across the Starley Sprite at a Lotus event several years ago and accidentally discovered a second one. Here's the tale ...

Vital Spark - SEBRING RETURNS - Warwickshire-based company is preparing to re-launch the much-loved Sebring International marque. They won't be available in kit-form anymore, but they will continue to service the existing owners with their requirements. The new ones will feature ELECTRIC power.

Industry Greats - JOHN BARLOW - one of the greatest kitcar designers, but also one who doesn't like fuss. He likes his cars appearing in magazines but he doesn't like being in them. We finally managed to sit down with John to round up his sparkling car designing career.

Rebel EXOBUSA - We sent former Triple C magazine editor, Steve Bennett along to Ely for a look at Rebel Performance Machines' new EXOBUSA demonstrator.

Reader's Drive - Gary Hughes' Davrian Mk5 restoration. An amazing story behind this one. Gary first spotted this car as a child and ended up owning it as a grown-up. He's just completed a 25-year restoration job!





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